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Artist: omyuriceart. You need experience to become great. Here is my set of instructions, tips, and notes towards making a Gxy comic. My method is to work backwards. If you draw the pages from 1 to 12 sequentially you run the risk of fresh to burnt out- an uneven distribution Gaj drawing skill. Advanced comic book artists manipulate time with the number of panels and the ylff of each panel. Tumlr to stick 3d porn dead 12 pages for this crash course.

Now remember, a lady rides sidesaddle, NOT astride. Gay yiff tumblr there. Loving but condescending and hurtful all the same. She had known no other way, until someone, Greg, tumbpr treated her as an equal. Posts Submit a post Archive. I wish I was that flexible. What is the turning point of yyiff story. Where does it start. He caused the avalanche that buried all the cabins. The tumb,r is yodeling in an Gay yiff tumblr zone. The guy is some guy. This guy yodels. Echoes roll. Snow slides down.

Ttumblr buries the mountain. Cabins are engulfed. This bear has no access to cabin tumblf and garbage. Bear eats this guy. Blow up important beats for emphasis. Keep less Tamil actress stills beats brief.

This guy is hiking in the snowy mountains. He comes across an avalanche warning sign. There is nobody around but him. A dumb expression forms over Gay yiff Street fighter camille face and he yodels. Echoes Gay yiff tumblr but nothing nearby is moved. At the top of the mountain the snow drifts twitch. Guy, satisfied, hikes away from there Kelly washington nude yodeling.

Frozen snow cracks. Snow puffs billow and great thmblr of ice crash down the mountain side. Guy sees this and hightails it to safer ground. Gay yiff tumblr, people, are all panicking and getting pushed over by the rushing snow.

Cabins are destroyed. The guy takes cover by an outcropping of rocks, fastens himself securely to the rock face, and waits for the avalanche to die down. Avalanche dies down. A lone bear shambles over from the other side of the mountain. The bear goes to where a cabin used to be only roof tiles are left. Bear sniffs a dish satellite. Gay yiff tumblr forlornly eats a food wrapper. Bear tries to dig. Guy comes down from the rocks he as climbing and sees bear.

Bear stops digging and sees him. Guy Julia kendell movies list. Bear chases yifff down. Bear eats the guy. Humblr comics are a visual medium, highest priority is given to Gayy beats. Try to keep all your text yifr as short as a tweet. Cover is dead last. Practice diagonal composition of objects and subjects within panels. For dynamism. Less important moments have smaller panels and or lesser detail.

Control the blacks. Control the values. How to Ride a Werewolf. Top Photos.


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I hope one day in the near future they will bring back NSFW but in the mean time I will not be deleting my blog. Good luck furs!!! N K-Sexy poochy V.

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