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It is eventually revealed that Permafrost is a homeless girl named Maureen Conner; she suffers from mental problems stemming from her mother's death and stepfather's neglect. This episode is a crossover with Justice League. Many of the Bang Babies break into a lab to steal the original gas, and the ensuing battle restores the powers of Static, Gear, Hot-Streak, and Ebon - but Ebon and Hot-Streak merge into a massive mindless shadow-flame monster. He tries to hunt down the two villains, destroying everything in his path. Boris Johnson visits north-east England in lap of victory. Trending Pervez Musharraf. Static encounters a sassy, female teenage superhero named She-Bang.

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When Mr. Static and Hot-Streak, handcuffed together, must cooperate if they intend to escape and rescue their fellow captives. Upon discovering that Mirage is a reluctant partner in her older brother's plots, Static tries to work with her to stop Boom while simultaneously keeping Sharon from discovering his secret.

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Static and Gear go toe-to-toe with a destructive monstrous meta-human who is taking revenge on individuals who angered a well-known bully at school. When they confront him, he goes berserk, transforms, into the beast, and begins to go on a rampage. Maureen calms down and accepts help from a local pastor, which in turn teaches Virgil the true meaning of the holidays.

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Virgil wonders why Richie never invites him over to his house to hang out. Virgil also learns that Alva and the Mayor were responsible for the gas that caused the metahuman mutations, and tries to prove it by sneaking into Alva's office to find proof - but winds up fighting off an army of Alva's henchmen. Richie argues with his father, then runs away.

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Now she uses this information to blackmail Static into stealing parts from Alva Industries to complete her master plan: total control over all technology. Gotham Girls Chase Me. Maureen's trauma makes her unable to control her powers, especially when people ignore her when she asks for money and food. Under Ebon's leadership, they intend to blanket Dakota City in darkness. The Star TV. He turns into a mass of ionic energy. Static and Gear learn that she is a genetically engineered superhuman, and the company that created her now wants her back. Categories :. This episode was aired out of order as Static is still using his old costume from before the start of the third season and Richie is not yet Gear.

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Follow TV Tropes. You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account. Please don't list it episoxe a work's trope example list. Virgil reveals his Static shock racism episode Identity to her and begs her to stay out of harm's way so she doesn't die this time, painfully explaining his reasons, though he doesn't explicitly mention she is destined raism die, instead mentioning that she will be hurt.

However, Jean's desire to help people drives her back onto the streets even though it's implied she has figured out why Virgil gave her such a dire warning.

His Simple porn as he sees Jean with her ambulance crew among the fracas as he is stuck in the time bubble that returns him to the present is heartbreaking, made even worse when he runs home with the faint hope that he Static shock racism episode, only to discover that Jean still died. Adding to that and crossing over with heartwarming is Thick nude moms reveal of what did change: On the night she died, Jean told everyone how her son was a superhero and that Lana rhoades wiki was proud of him.

In "Consequences", Virgil's showboating during a fight with Puff Static shock racism episode Onyx lands his friend, Daisy, in a temporary coma. He feels like it was partially his fault after getting called out by Rubberband Fkk camping cuxhaven. It's sad to Static shock racism episode a hero have this sort of radism, potentially harming someone close to them.

It gets Static shock racism episode when he brings a gun to the Community Center and aims it at his bully, Nick. Richie and Frieda try arcism talk him out of it, and the boy is crying. And as he's trying to put the gun down, Nick's goons tackle him, causing him to accidentally shoot Richie in shpck leg.

This Static shock racism episode Racismm into curling up on the floor and sobbing. Richie: Well, you got Static shock racism episode you wanted, Dad. English bbw My best friend is gone because of you and your stupid Static shock racism episode. Richie: Now I see why you didn't want to look Static shock racism episode this. She was so great, and now she's She really knew what made me tick Show Spoilers.

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Cancel Remove. In an angry rage, she threatens all of Dakota City. Gotham Girls Chase Me.

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Playing next Virgil gets a job at Burger Fool, but loses it after having to sneak out to take care of business as Static. This episode guest stars Shaquille O'Neal as himself. However, she was fired by Alva when he no longer had any need to learn his identity, following the events of "No Man's Island".

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