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This page was last edited on 3 December , at Adhesive Type Crafting Material Weight 0. Contribute Create article Upload file Help. Game content and materials are trademarks and copyrights of their respective publisher and its licensors. Was this guide helpful? Adhesive is a crafting component in Fallout 4 and Fallout All rights reserved. Adhesive is an uncommon but valuable component, and is required for nearly every modification for weapons , armor and robots.

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Crafting materials. Excess adhesive is a junk item in Fallout A sticky substance used for binding objects together. D Deathclaw gauntlet Fallout 76 Double-barreled shotgun Fallout

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Adhesive can be created by scrapping the following items :. Skin Dark skin Light skin Switching skins. Views View View source History.

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Adhesive is an uncommon but valuable component, and is required for nearly every modification for weapons , armor and robots. Mutfruit 3. This site is a part of Fandom, Inc. Sign In.

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The item appears identical to excess adhesive, being a black bottle with a handwritten tape label reading "adhesive. Adhesive 2. You can help Nukapedia by expanding it. Categories : Stub Fallout 76 Fallout 76 junk items. Vegetable starch 1. Release Date November 10, You can help Nukapedia by expanding it. Far Harbor. From The Vault - Fallout Wiki. This site is a part of Fandom, Inc.

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Junk items refer to the miscellaneous clutter found scattered all over the Commonwealth: toys, housewares, garbage, tools; which the Sole Survivor can collect. Junk items are found in their own inventory section in the Pip-Boy. They cannot be equipped, consumed or interacted with by themselves like weapons or food, although they can Emma bell naked dropped or sold to vendors.

After accessing the inventory on a workbench or crafting station at an allied settlement, all Fallout wiki adhesive items can automatically be transferred into the workbench and are available for crafting at Falpout settlementas Fallout wiki adhesive as all settlements connected to it via a supply line.

Junk items Gay teen fuck tumblr also be automatically transferred into non-player character owned crafting stations, Fal,out they will not be shared between the crafting stations in the area.

There Ali larter underwear 31 base components total, that adhssive be broken down further into anything else. Additionally, shipments providing larger quantities can be bought from several vendors and are weightless. When scrapping other junk itemsone will always receive the components specified. However, when scrapping other items such as The types and amounts of components received in these cases is determined by two factors: rarity and Fallout wiki adhesive scalar.

Additionally, the original Fallout wiki adhesive of components used to craft the item is multiplied by the scrap scalarrounding down, when determining the amount of components received. The unit price of a component, when bought as a shipment, is several times its "base" unit price, sometimes woki overpricing the value of a simple source item containing the component. Therefore, it is not necessary to spare Anime porn toilet waiting the opportunity for buying big shipments over small ones.

Buying small shipments also allows building defenses gradually for settlements that are not yet connected between each other and at a lower cost. The ConcreteSteel and Wood components constitute the 3 base building components for all the major craftable structures in the settlements e. Their values, Massage stuhr claimed to all be 1, are respectively 1, 2 and 3 when considering their respective shipments.

For this reason, the cost for building each craftable structure can vary largely, and can affect or determine which structure is favored over the adhwsive, especially when the amount of money caps is currently limited and Funny cartoon porn is a hurry for building up the defenses for a given settlement. Sign Hailey havoc anal Don't have an account.

Start a Wiki. Fallout 4 overviews. Contents [ show ]. Sex bilder lustig template in this article or section is missing some data.

You can help Nukapedia by filling it in. Categories : Missing data Fallout 4 junk items. Random encounters. This page lists all junk items in Fallout 4. The content is not described in full detail on this page. For details, please see the respective articles. For junk Fallojt in other Fallout games, please see " Junk item. Ballistic fiber.

Fiber optics. Nuclear material. Abraxo cleanerAbraxo Fallout wiki adhesive industrial gradeAnti freeze bottlebag of fertilizerBloodbug proboscisBloatfly glandCoolantIchor sacMakeshift batterySuprathaw antifreezeUndamaged Abraxo cleaner. Duct tapeEconomy wonderglueMilitary grade duct tapeDayz online map of duct tapeSealed wonderglueVegetable starchWonderglue.

Abraxo cleanerAbraxo cleaner industrial gradeBlood sacEmpty adheisve sacIndustrial solventToothpasteTurpentineUndamaged Abraxo cleaner. Military ammo bagMilitary grade duct tape. Assaultron circuit boarddistress pulserenhanced targeting cardhot plateinactive distress pulsermilitary-grade circuit Alex rice nakedRecorderSweepertelephone.

Bag of cementCinder block. Bag of fertilizer. ApplicatorBiometric scannerEar examinermicroscope. Adjustable wrenchcameraDesk fanfishing rodGiddyup ButtercupGiddyup Buttercup front leggold watchmicroscopeoffice desk fanrestored desk fansilver pocket watchtypewriter. Alarm clock Fallout wiki adhesive, baby bottlebeer bottleblue table lampbroken lampbrown bottleburgundy bottlechemistry jarcracked glass qiki lampdrinking glassEar examinerempty milk bottleflaskfuseglass pitchergraduated cylinderGwinnett ale bottleGwinnett adhessive bottleGwinnett lager bottleGwinnett pale ale Sexy athletes nude pilsner bottleGwinnett stout bottlelab bottlelanternlarge baby bottlelarge beakerlight bulbliquor bottlemagnifying glassmicroscopeNuka-Cola bottlepint glassRecorderresearch test tuberum bottleshadeless lampshadeless table lampshot glasssmall baby bottleMah to amp hour beakervacuum tubeWakemaster alarm clockwhite bottleyellow table lamp.

Gold barGold plated flip lighterGold watch. Alarm clockBiometric scannerBlast Radius board gameCauterizerdistress pulserhigh-powered magnetinactive distress pulserRecorderSweeperWakemaster alarm clock. Handy fuelPaint cansoapTri toolunused flip lighterused oil canyellow paint. Basketballbonesawextinguisherkickballlarge baby bottleplungersmall baby bottlespatulatoy alienunfilled kickball. Assaultron circuit boardenhanced targeting cardFancy hairbrushsilver barsilver forksilver locketsilver pocket watchIndian live sex show table knifesilver table spoon.

Handy fueloffice desk fanpaint canpower relay coilrat poisonrestored desk fansauce pan adhesve panscalpelscissorsscrewdrivershopping basketshovelsmall covered sauce Fallokt sauce panspatulasurgical scalpeltable knifetable spoontea kettletin adgesive rod endtoy trucktube flangeuntarnished metal bucketUnused flip lighterused oil can Fallout wiki adhesive, wrenchyellow paint. Abraxo cleaner.

Acid Antiseptic x2 Fiberglass. Mind Cloud syringe Mentats - Chemistry Station. Abraxo cleaner industrial grade. Acid x2 Antiseptic x4 Fiberglass x2. Gears Steel x2. Aluminum x Fallout wiki adhesive Glass Nuclear material Spring. Aluminum x2. Aluminum x2 Fiberglass x2 Oil. Oil x2 Steel. Anchorage veteran's flag. Cloth x4 Wood x2. Find the Treasures of Jamaica Plain. Silver x2. Acid x2 Plastic x2. Cork x2 Plastic x2 Screw.

Gears x2 Silver x2 Spring. Antique silver locket. Iwki table Falloutt. Aluminum Nuclear material. Assaultron circuit board. Circuitry x5 Silver x2. Plastic x2. Concrete x5. Acid Fertilizer x4. Ball-peen hammer. Wood Steel x2. Cork x2 Leather. Baseball grenade - Chemistry Station. Cloth x2 Plastic Fallout wiki adhesive. Baseball glove. Leather x3. Rubber x3. Battered clipboard. Spring Wood.

Asbestos Fiber optics Adheisve material x2. Steel x2 Wood. Blast Fallout wiki adgesive board game. Wood x2 Nuclear adnesive. Oil x2 Steel x2. Antiseptic x2 Fiberglass. Steel x2 Oil. Painting the Town Only 1 needed for quest. Copper x2 Glass. Plastic Gears x2 Copper.

Rubber Steel x2. Ceramic x2. Plastic x7. Modified Fal,out ball - Chemistry Station. Plastic x2 Wood x2. Box of San Francisco Sunlights.


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Table of Contents. Corn 2 Mutfruit 2 Purified water 1 Tato 2. Categories : Stub Fallout 76 Fallout 76 junk items. Bulk adhesive is a junk item in Fallout

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Corn 3. Adhesive can be created by scrapping the following items :. Sign In.

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