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Sign In Don't have an account? She hears footsteps coming towards her and slowly moves her knife to her neck the door opens but is relieved as it turns to be Gannicus who tells her he begins to believe in her gods and tells her "Let us see how far they will take us". Marcia says that she has been thinking of leaving to join Spartacus ' rebellion, and that she is not alone in these thoughts. Whilst Batiatus attempts a business deal with Tullius , he and Vettius argue over who has the better gladiators. The two later fought as entertainment for Quintilius Varus and Gaia. The night before the execution, he goes to the brothels and sleeps with a prostitute named Marcia , who he develops affection for. When a Roman soldier discovers them, Gannicus kills him and tells Sibyl to take her life if he cannot kill all of the Romans surrounding them, he says it would be a kindness in comparison to what they would do to her.

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They fought together as comrades and Gannicus came to further respect Spartacus for his leadership after he defeats his foe. Instead Quintus conspires an ambush at night in the streets of Capua. Comments 6. They kiss and he tells her that he will join her when the battle is over, if he survives.

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He open the hatch and goes to fight the Romans in the stables Sibyl hears the sounds and becomes scared especially when bloodied sword goes through the floor. View High Qual. There he met a Roman blacksmith, named Attius , and they became good friends. They meet again after the fall of the Arena and talk with a little flirting in it Gannicus asks her to come with him when he leaves the city.

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Using their superior skill and cooperation they manage to best the two and rekindle some of their friendship. He confronts them and tells them the true story - which Laeta not Attius was responsible and that Saxa is taking them to Spartacus. Menu Search. The homeland of the Allobroges extended across the modern French regions of Vivarais, Savoy, and Dauphine.

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The Roman soldiers, however, surround Gannicus, rotating fresh soldiers to the forefront to fight Gannicus. Yet, beyond his cockiness, there's an underlying sense of honor about him that creeps to the surface, especially in the presence of Oenomaus. She wishes him luck and embraces him saying "May the gods watch over you". Upon showing hesitation, Oenomaus is enraged and begins to deal heavy blows against him, beginning the games. He fights dual wielding two swords in the gladiator style of Dimachaerus. Tullius is impressed with Gannicus' performance and seeks to buy him off Batiatus, who refuses. Gannicus finally accepts that this has now become a cause he can embrace. Laeta reminds him that now is not the time and they need to escape.

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He comforts her saying that she is safe. The night before the execution, he goes to the brothels and sleeps with a prostitute named Marcia , who he develops affection for. As Lucretia blamed the poisoning on Tullius since it was his gift, Gannicus wanted revenge on him for it.

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When they were forced to have sex to pleasure Quintilius Varus , the two were hesitant but obeyed the commands of their masters. However, Oenomaus sees through this since she was with him the night she died and Gannicus not convincing him in denying something went on between them. With that he extends his hand and Spartacus shakes it signifying the new formed friendship between the two, Gannicus laughs off. Oenomaus then presents him with a rudis a wooden sword, engraved with the stories of his victories , as proof that he is a freed slave , and states how proud he is to see his brother free.

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