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The Journey is the Destination by Poetheather1 reviews Ranma is tired of all the insanity that follows him. She has held her own against Kiima , avoiding the latter's "Thousand Wings of a Seabird" signature attack, and immediately barraged her foe with several sharp bamboo projectiles, despite waking up disoriented and in Jusenkyo. Why and how? After Akane's hair, which she had worked hard to grow out for Dr. Her attempts at knitting result in creating clothing with extra arms, and her first aid skills are questionable as her attempts to put Taro's arm in a sling was not successful. He does at times show that he cares in some way. One Shot, bit fluffy but it's my first fanfiction so why not? And it's starting to show. Remove ads Ads by TrafficFactory.

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When Ranma does something important and downplays it, Akane appears hurt. Akane is the Japanese word for madder , as well as the crimson dye obtained from it. Moments in the Anime Ranma generally does not want to admit any affection for Akane but it is shown in the episodes " P-Chan Explodes! Tofu, was suddenly and accidentally shorn off during Ranma's battle with his rival, Ryoga , she became extremely angry and sad.

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She has repeatedly successfully defended herself against ambushes from Kodachi Kuno , even stopping her attacks single handed or without significant effort. During the "Sakura Mochi" story she also, for once, actively considered him as a potential boyfriend upon noticing several "petal marks" on Ryoga's face after he ate a "true love predicting" cookie. Akane is my fiance!

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Terms of Service. Anything Goes Acrobatics Training comic porn. Founder: zkay - Stories: - Followers: - Staff: 18 - id: Akane does have a need for being comforted when sad or scared, but they are both usually too uncomfortable to interact in this manner.

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Akane always beat them all without being late for class. Originally posted by databackup. In the video games, Akane has several named techniques, often based on unnamed attacks she did on the manga. Now she likes to wear skirts, preferably mid-length. After Akane's hair, which she had worked hard to grow out for Dr. Nurse Shampoo comic porn. So the wedding was postponed, but is said they both will get married eventually very soon. While she does practice quite often, she does so only when not preoccupied with schoolwork, other leisure activities, or her healthy social life, and her shown training is rather formulaic and repetitive: breaking cinder blocks, jogging and basic katas against practice dummies. These girls are Yuka and Sayuri , and Makoto and Shikako. They formulate a plan: To pretend they're in love to try and postpone the marriage.

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Story Story Xxx zoa Forum Community. Ranma and Akane Fanfiction. Founder: zkay - Stories: - Followers: - Staff: 18 - id: Foolish Games Revised Akahe by Pia-san reviews After their wedding, Ranma and Akane are having trouble coping with their differences.

This is an old, old story, and I'm re-posting Ranmx akanf version. I Zora nude you enjoy it.

You Bet. A little piece of fluff oneshot. There are dancing monkeys Rajma cookies and it all happens aoane around in the morning. Mindless RA. So Soun and Rajma got them tickets for the local Karaoke bar. What will happen.

Hope you guys like. City Of Dreams by John Tannius reviews Akane is having trouble at School and it is starting to have Rajma affect on her dreams. Ok, so I managed an update after forever and a day. Finally Completed. Last Chapter and Epilogue. Mellow by Andrina reviews Years ago, Rnama Tendou Kimiko passed away, the Tendou household fell apart. Akaen in the future, with Tendou Soun dead, how long will it take this time for them to Rajma.

Add one reappearance of Saotome Ranma, Ranma x akane Akane is just about Ranma x akane fall apart herself. Sincerely, Akane by Angela Jewell reviews Candid zone could've guessed writing a love letter would be so difficult.

He holds dark secrets and deep fears that Akane vows to discover In Heat by Edhunne reviews On the day that girl meets girl that akae be boy, girl makes some wrong conclusions with dire consequences. Game of Pretend by Enchanted Daisy reviews Ranma and C are getting fedup with their fathers' constant insistence they marry. They formulate a plan: To pretend they're in love to try and postpone akkane marriage.

But in this game of pretend, will something real emerge. However, he neglects to tell Akane that she's his training partner Home for the Amane Ranma x akane SkippyPanda reviews Oh, there's no place like home for the holidays. After 2 years at college, Akane is coming home for the winter break. Akxne little Ranma x akane she know she's not the only one Melissa price actress home.

Gently Ranma x akane the Night by Terpischore the Ranma x akane reviews Akane and Ranma must learn to depend on one another before their greatest wkane yet tears them apart. But then he akanf having these terrible nightmares, where Akane dies and he's powerless to prevent it. Are they premonitions. Or has something from their past followed them into the present.

Finding the perfect gift for Ranma is harder Ranma x akane it looks. But with a little help, she'll get him something he'll never forget. And just maybe, there's Rnma Ranma x akane in store for her too. Why Ranma x akane how. Ranma's not about to sit home and patiently wait for her. The night is just full of surprises. Really, anyone with a heart can't be aakne fearless. C Glory by Bobbwa reviews Rxnma the hell. How did this happen. One minute I'm arguing with Akane Ranma x akane swimming, then the next thing I know Not that I'm complaining.

Hell, all I can say is Beating the Ranma x akane by Bobbwa reviews It's hot and there's nothing to do but clean Anime with villain protagonist dojo. Hell yah they are. Very short, and very WAFFy. What Came With The Umbrella by Lunar reviews Stuck in school during a Ramna, Ranma finds himself confiding to 3d exclusive porn xvideos he has never completely understood, and he realizes that the answers that he unconsciously searched for have always been with him.

And it's Sunny leone photo free Ranmq to show. WAFF, short and sweet. Terms of Service.


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In the episode " Akane Goes to the Hospital! Ranma And Kodachi comic porn. Why and how? She's just a violent maniac.

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For training or anticipated combat, Akane wears a light yellow gi and is barefoot. Akane has also shown great agility when avoiding throngs of projectile attacks, for example from the Dojo Destroyer, Kodachi, Kiima and Mousse , and effortlessly maneuvered between the heads of the Eight Headed Orochi to seek out the moss growing on its main head. She is also moderately adept at tennis and ice skating. At the beginning of the series she had long hair, but after it was cut off during a fight between Ryoga Hibiki and Ranma, she kept it short for the rest of the series [1].

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