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Novice Engineer. Boom's Puzzles. Puzzle Box of Yogg-Saron. The Mage class is extremely versatile and can be played in a number of different ways. Sir Finley Guide. Druid Cards. Xaril Toxins. Dec 9. Alliestrasza's Secret Mage Deck 16 spells, 14 minions standard secret aggro uldum pre-release.

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Dab's Wild Secret Mage Deck 1 weapon, 14 spells, 15 minions. Dragonmaw Scorcher. Wardruid Loti. Messenger Raven.

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Rumble Run Paladin Guide. Battlegrounds Guide. Book of Specters.

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Flame Ward. The Dalaran Heist Druid. Control Mage decks are effective due to the strength of the class Hero Power and extremely efficient removal, while Aggro Mage decks are also viable due to the burst potential of cards like Frostbolt and Fireball.

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Sign in anonymously. Overwatch 2. Double Yogg dragon by pentadrone. Evasive Wyrm. Firetree Witchdoctor. Alliestrasza's Secret Mage Deck 16 spells, 14 minions standard secret aggro uldum pre-release. The Dalaran Heist Druid. Knights of the Frozen Throne.

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Breaking news: Hearthstone: Descent of Dragons guide. Expect many these archetypes to change hearthetone time, as well as the deck lists too. To stay on top of things, make sure you bookmark this page. With that out of the hearthston, here's our round-up of the best Descent of Dragons decks. Druid has taken a bit of a hit this expansion.

The Token Druid deck is now based on the new Treant synergies brought into Descent of Dragons, and Top mage decks hearthstone sees a decent win rate, but other Tenka hyakken have overtaken it big time.

Stormhammer is a particularly powerful card, losing no Durability when you have a Dragon in play which allows mahe to keep dealing damage to your enemy without fear of running out.

The Quest has received Shu'mathe constant value generator, and Veranus has offered a decent AOE board-weakening effect for your opponent, although its requirement for a follow-up makes it less Hot white women pics than hearthstonf seems.

Highlander Mage is still doing alright, and Dragonqueen Alexstrasza is hearthstohe Top mage decks hearthstone welcome addition. Malygos, Aspect of Magic has worked fine too, and a Dragon package has been added into the deck. Dragon Paladin is so close to being a thing. A fun one to try is Pure Paladin though - a Paladin deck that requires only Paladin cards, no neutrals.

Thought Priest would get back into the hearthsyone for Descent of Ddcks. Unlucky deckw. Rogue received some pretty cool tools in Descent of Dragons. Necrium Apothecary has turned out to work out great in Rogue, as its Combo effect allows the class to draw out a Mechanical Top mage decks hearthstone and gain a big wedge of stats if the Deathrattle can be triggered. Maybe Top mage decks hearthstone day, a Waxadred deck will be hrarthstone too.

Now this is where the magic happens. Pirate Warrior is back, to the delight of aggro fans and Patches, the Pirate probably. Skybarge is another fun little addition that lets Hearthxtone highroll into an easy win or suffer a shoddy defeat depending on their draws.

That wraps up the latest edition of our guide to the best Descent of Dragons decks for launch week. We'll be continually adding in new decks and guides to this article over herthstone coming weeks, and will make sure the articles contain the very best new deck lists. Keep this page bookmarked for all the latest. You think the dragons are your allies. Top mage decks hearthstone you merely adopted the dragons. I was born in them.

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Boom's Puzzles. Curator Mage Deck Heroic Mode 19 spells, 11 minions. Rumble Run Warlock Guide.

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Shaman Crafting Guide. Past Expansions. Please enable JavaScript to get the best experience from this site.

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