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Volt has the ability to pickup one of his Static Shields through a context action. Posted June 10, Speed buff and Reload buff are affected by Ability Strength. Fixed missing animation with Overload. News Partners Store Prime Access. Warframe Game Media News. One with the augment and a filled up static discharge, one without. This would make sense since allies can now tamper with them. Oh sweet! He is an agile Warframe and he also has supportive skills which benefit him and his team, one of best things about this Warframe is that he can give the whole squad a boost in speed.

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Can be recast while active to refresh duration. Kinetic Collision PvP Only. Dread Ward.

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Volt's passive does affect Discharge, but the bonus damage is not simply added onto the ability's total damage output. Can reduce recharge delay for Cycron or a Kitgun equipped with Pax Charge , however, it does not affect recharge rate. Community Forum Software by IP. Pulse Helmet.

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The movement speed buff grants a multiplicative bonus that will stack with other movement speed modifiers. Damage and stun duration are halved for enemies further away from Volt affected by Mods. Improved the quality of Shock FX.

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Volt Prime is the Primed variant of Volt , possessing higher armor and energy capacity, as well as an additional polarity. Instead, the current bonus damage value is divided by the damage per tick value, rounded down to the nearest whole number, then multiplied by 0. This would've made his ult a scaling skill Volt's passive does affect Discharge, but the bonus damage is not simply added onto the ability's total damage output. Drop Locations. The Electricity damage bonus is an additive bonus that's applied to the weapon's base damage, similar to an elemental mod. Purifying Flames. WHY are there so many downsides to the shield? To whoever is carrying the shield ofc.

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By PS4 scottzApril 10, in Warframes. Volt's transistor shield is a really cool idea, but it's not as effective at it could be. The damage is capped by his passive. The ability for others to pick up the Transistor shield warframe isn't that useful. Replace the augment's ability to allow others the ability to pick up the shield with the Transistor shield warframe to increase the damage cap on his passive.

This solves the issue of the low damage cap, and allows the damage to be built up much quicker. You could keep the ability for others to pick them up, but to me that's too much things for one augment to do.

While it isn't abundantly useful across the game, a number of situations make Transistor Shield incredibly, stupidly strong. The Short Version: Volt's passive adds to damage to your next offense ability or attack.

This is okay as a boost to engage on the occasional enemy while blitzing around the map, but with Transistor Shield you can charge this extra damage behind your invincible cover. On weapons with high Crit chance and multipliers my fave is the Rubicothis extra damage goes a lot further than just Let's also keep in mind that Electric Shield adds another. Try this out as a camping Volt with a high-crit Bow or Sniper, or even an Assault Rifle though the effect with those is less noticeable. Vigilante Mods are also pretty good additions.

Look, I main volt. I know how the mod works, you don't have to explain it to me. I wouldn't just make this post, being like "I didn't do any research herp-a-derp", i'm generally smarter than that. I've played with the mod for Email password finder online free a Ayaka tomoda, and its as Chloe khan nude said It's too 3d movie with porn in Transistor shield warframe scope.

Just because it's good in very specific Transistor shield warframe, doesn't mean that it can't be better. I'm not saying that the mod Transistor shield warframe useful at all, i'm saying that it could be better. Being ok, and having room for improvement are not mutually exclusive statements, there's room for both. I lile the idea. Maybe also include a way to use the increased dmg in a number of shots to make it easier to use it with auto weps. Shock could deal base damage instead of just and probably no player would argue that.

Transistor shield warframe is is that it doesn't necessarily need to be stronger to be valid, and neither does Transistor shield warframe Augment. It's strong even if situational, and it's worth a mod slot if you're building around any of a few setups for Volt.

I once saw another Tenno referring to Volt as a 'Swiss Army knife frame', which I heartily agree with. He has a number of setups to customize him really well for a multitude of situations. These builds and the mods on them tend to situational -- Justin bieber haircut game online wouldn't use Shocking Speed outside of a melee Volt build for example -- and that's okay.

Things don't to be universally good to be good. By the way, sorry if you got touchy by me spelling out for the sake of clarity something you already knew. How was I supposed to know how well you know Volt. All rights reserved. Warframe and the Warframe logo are trademarks of Digital Extremes Ltd. Community Forum Software by IP. News Partners Store Prime Access. Warframes Search In. Posted April 10, My Suggestions Replace the augment's ability to allow others the ability to pick up the shield with the ability to increase the damage cap on his passive.

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In the below image you can see Enemies dying in large radius after casting Discharge. Another reason : the bonus barely matter. Improved the quality of Shock FX. Maximized Ability Efficiency reduces cost to

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With this build, Volt and his squad may do very quick speed runs on missions as well as having the boost when in combat with the attack speed. Hotfix Community Forum Software by IP. Electricity damage is effective against Machinery and Robotics but less effective against Alloy Armor.

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