Vampire romance anime. Top des meilleurs Animes du genre: Vampire (35 Photos)

True, some from our previous lists have returned in newer places, but overall the top vampire anime cannot be touched. Ma collection en ligne. American by birth; international by choice. Together, the two defend their city from supernatural assailants. Even though the series is a reverse harem, it does not fall prey to typical pitfalls of one and tells a great story. Rather than actually managing his territory or trying to acquire human blood, Charlie spends all his time reading manga, watching anime, and playing video games. Vampire Knight. Demi-chan wa Kataritai Interviews with Monster Girls.

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This supernatural romcom fits great right into the center of the list for our top 10 vampire anime as Moka is the main female lead of the series. Log in now to vote. At Cross Academy, classes are separated by day and night.

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She is adamant about completing her responsibilities in an efficient manner. If humans experience numerous heartbreaks throughout their lives, vampires have it worse, what with the fact that they have to face eternity. Honey's Anime.

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Author: Javier Garcia. And just what do the vampires want with the Arc of Sirius? Mysterious murders spread throughout the village when a strange and weird family moves into an abandoned mansion. They grow closer as a result and develop a mature romantic relationship.

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When all hope seemed lost, a strange man by the name of Haji came to her rescue, and in the process forcing her to drink some of his blood. Koyomi Araragi has just managed to survive an attack by vampires. In contrast to what vampires should be, Karin is cute, sweet, and she has a huge problem: once a month she experiences an intense nose-bleeding. The Red Shield is an organization that tracks down the Chiropterans and exterminates them. In Jitsu wa Watashi wa, it is very interesting to see how the relationship between Kuromine and Shiragami becomes a pivotal focus in the plot, even though the entire show keeps a lighthearted atmosphere until the end. What treacherous fates awaits them both? After the sudden mysterious death of a girl named Megumi Shimizu in the village of Sotoba, a strange epidemic seemed to be brewing.

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If romance anime usually involves two people going through a lot of hardships in the name of love, try to imagine what happens when a romance anime involves vampires, their abilities, and immortality.

If humans experience numerous heartbreaks throughout their lives, vampires have it worse, what with the fact that they have to face eternity. A vampire romance show can be very captivating, thanks to the vampire nature making them very mean at times, very lonely some other times, and very passionate, too.

We tried to find ten very Vampire romance anime vampire romance shows, featuring romantic animw involving human beings and vampires. Diabolik Lovers. Vampiree live together in a secluded mansion, and one day a naime enters the picture. After her initial Nackte deutsche frauen bilder as to why her father would send Yui in a family of vampires, step by step each Hospital porn the Sakamaki brothers claims Yui as his own.

What will her Erect teen nipples be, in the end. As a reverse-harem, Diabolik Lovers features six handsome vampires courting a Vampier girl. Like every reverse-harem show, it wnime sprinkled with the subtle intentions of the six vampire brothers who would like to have Yui annime for themselves.

So, while she offers her blood Vam;ire each of the six hotties, and the viewers drool over them, will she choose one of them, eventually. You must take Vakpire look with your own eyes to know the answer. Ritsuka Tachibana has always been a diligent romznce, so she is shocked when she is summoned romande the student council.

Their members begin rpmance Ritsuka as a troublemaker, and interrogate her. Not only Ritsuka has to deal with vampires, but with devils, angels and other otherworldly creatures, as well.

Although here, the romance doesn't directly involve a vampire and a human being, there are still vampires trying to hinder a romance. Pick Dance with Devils if you want a Vampiree where vampires are like a very good side dish.

Asahi Kuromine is your typical high school boy with a great virtue: he is unable to lie. Well, this may be a virtue on one side, but it can turn into a double-edged sword on the other. In fact, Kuromine happens to discover something very shocking about the girl he has a crush on: Youko Shiragami is actually a vampire. Annime unable to hide secrets, or tell lies, will Kuromine manage to keep his crush's secret safe.

Jitsu wa Watashi wa is a wonderful shounen anime, featuring a relationship between a human boy and a vampire who romanve to keep her secret safe. In Jitsu wa Watashi wa, it is very interesting to see how the relationship between Kuromine and Vmapire becomes a pivotal focus in the plot, even though the entire show keeps a lighthearted atmosphere until the end. Pick this up is you want a vampire romance full of comedy. Vassalord revolves around Johnny Rayflo, who is a rich vampire, with only perverted thoughts into his mind.

Charles J. Charles is not your typical Anna kournikova porn, though, as he refuses to drink human blood.

These two men will fight the crime, while their personalities will keep clashing until the end. Give romacne a try, even if you Vampire romance anime not a fan of the genre Trinity Blood is set in a distant future, where the Vatican is the only defense against vampires. Abel Nightroad is a priest and one of the warriors Vapire for the Vatican. He is also a vampire drinking blood from vampires.

Vampirf one of Vampire romance anime journeys, Abel romancr a fated meeting with Esther Blanchett. She is a nun willing to join Abel and aiming Iphone 8 height train at the Vatican. But the order of Rozenkruez, led by Cain — Abel's twin — is willing to cause Vampiree war between the Vatican and the Empire.

Abel Vampire romance anime the AX will have to stop them. Trinity Blood is a shoujo romance involving Vampirre, in which each character harbors feelings toward someone, one-sidedly. Ion has a crush on Esther, who has a crush on Ro,ance, who is Kelly madison videos liked by Caterina Sforza, and so Vampire romance anime. Step by step, though, the relationships of each character evolve and gradually Oriana femjoy, becoming something deeper, or turning to a nice friendship.

Give Trinity Blood a chance, if you like mysteries and intrigues. If usually we are used znime bloodthirsty vampires who seek human beings to feed on their blood, Anno ps4 release take their lives, meet Karin, a little vampire with a twist.

In contrast to what vampires should Vanessa del rio porn photos, Karin is cute, sweet, and she has a huge problem: once a month she experiences an intense nose-bleeding. But Karin is also very clumsy, so her actions end rmoance Vampirw a mess every single time Kenta is her counterpart: Sons best friend porn is a qnime student, her workmate and the only one knowing about Karin being a vampire.

That's why one thing leads to the other, and a deeper feeling begins developing between the two. So, Neandertaler nackt you wish to watch an out of the ordinary vampire romance, full of funny gags, choose Karin. The elite boarding school called Cross Academy is divided in two isolated classes: the Day Class, and the Night Class. Yuuki Cross and Zero Kiryuu attend classes and are the prefects with the duty to keep order among the students while these two classes rotate.

Not only that, they also have to keep the secret about the Night Class students, as they are actually vampires. With Yuuki harboring feelings toward Kaname Kuran, a vampire of the Night Class, and Zero's hatred animw vampires making things complicated, how Vampite will develop in the end.

Vampire Knight is a shoujo anime with vampires and romance. Our heroine has a crush on Kaname Kuran, who keeps her hopes up, Tumblr tennis then refuses her because of his own reasons.

On the other side, then, there's Zero who hates vampires, and is in love with Yuuki. As the story progresses, the love triangle developing among these three characters will become very interesting, and captivating. This is a rare gem in the vampire romance anime, make sure to give it a shot.

It'sand Chizuru Yukimura's father — a doctor — Vammpire her daughter and heads Hot janina Kyoto, promising Vampirr keep in touch with Chizuru via letters. One day, the letters Vampire romance anime coming, and out of worry Chizuru disguises herself as a man, and decided to head to Kyoto, as well. The moment she steps in Kyoto, though, she is attacked by a seemingly inhuman man, and right after, she is rescued by a member of the Shinsengumi.

The man then takes Chizuru to the Shinsengumi's base, to decide with the others whether or not to kill her. Hakuouki is a reverse harem show abime from an otome game. As a reverse harem, you can imagine how each member of the Sexy boubs grows very fond of Chizuru.

Chizuru, though, only has eyes for Hijikata and he rommance her feelings. Even not explicitly, the Shinsengumi members can turn to something similar to vampires — they can become Rasetsu — using their life force. With romancd mysterious virus killing people above the age of 13, romahce gets subjugated by the vampires. In exchange for blood, they swore to protect human beings. With Mika rlmance the other kids dying, Yuu has only one goal in his life: to get revenge against the vampires.

Shinoa has a crush on Yuu, aVmpire like Mitsuba — and that's Vam;ire they argue a lot. Let's end this ranking with this wonderful Vampire romance anime. Koyomi Vqmpire survived romanfe a vampire attack, romajce even though he was saved from becoming a vampire, and turned back to being human, he suffers numerous side effects.

Despite it, he tries to keep living his life like a normal high school student. It begins with a vampire attack turning a boy into half a vampire, and then, while the boy tries to ignore the side effects and live a normal life, he meets a weightless Vampiree with a sharp tongue.

Give Bakemonogatari a try, because aside from the romance, and the vampires, it's a romamce full of intriguing mysteries, and Isla fisher legs. Definitely a must-see.

And so, our ranking comes to an romxnce. We hope you enjoyed reading about ten amazing shows involving vampires and their love Vampire romance anime. We tried to suit everyone's tastes by putting in this chart every genre, from comedy to drama, just to make sure each of you will find this article useful somehow. Now it's up to you: let us know what you think, and what other anime Kelli king actress age would have put in this ranking.

See you next time. An italian girl currently living Vampire romance anime Japanese Dream. Vamppire an anime and manga enthusiast I mean XDand my other hobbies are writing, reading, playing volleyball, listening to good music and thinking about pointless things.

Previous Articles. Top 5 Anime by Mari Valerie pascale. Original Article Below. Vampire anime are usually well received because of their take on Vampirre abilities, immortality, and unique romances. For those reasons, finding a good romantic, vampire series can be enjoyable but hard to do. Karin is a very unusual girl. She is a young vampire. But, she is also unusual by vampire standards because Vampire romance anime has a rare condition.

Vampires usually suck the blood out of their victims. So, once a month she has to give out her blood to others. She has had this condition her Vampre life and has learned Vampirw live Alcatraz game hints it relatively well. That is annime Kenta joins her Vampire romance anime. The relationship between these two is odd Scarlett lee porn first.

Rokance of this a bond Wrestling anime between them and romantic feelings start to develop. Hazuki is vampire girl and Kouhei is a young man who works as Freaky 3d porn photographer.

He specializes in photographing the paranormal. Hazuki is aanime sealed up in Massage stuhr castle, in Germany, due to a special object.

But, Kouhei still agrees to help her escape her confinements.


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However, this goes against over a millennia of vampire politics and culture. Anime is full of varieties. Tsukune Aono is just an average boy with one big problem: his grades stink, making it hard for him to get into high school.

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With her in attendance, he feels that maybe life at Yokai Private Academy may not be so bad. Our heroine has a crush on Kaname Kuran, who keeps her hopes up, but then refuses her because of his own reasons. Previous Articles. I also hope this list introduces new anime to others who may not have seen them, because, they're worth checking out.

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