You'll return to normal if you try to crouch again. NES and Game Boy - After you defeat Ursula, she will grow bigger for the final battle even though it's nowhere near as big as in the movie. Konyuu Ninjaa.

Nino from Fire Emblem: Unlike Euphemia , Shirley generally avoids discussions of politics and current events, but like her, she actively and bravely opposes prejudice and cruelty whenever and wherever she sees it; she feels tenderness toward everyone; she can't bear to see anyone get hurt; and she's nearly always chipper — except when jealous back to that in a moment or when things are going really, seriously wrong.

Kyouiku Shidou The Animation. To do this you need to find Mao in an Item World mystery room, where he can give only one monster at a time the ability to Magichange 2. At least in the Earth universe.