The intonation difficulties were inherited from the one-key and simple system flutes; the interval between the standard fingerings of these notes tends to be a narrow semitone. We reiterate that a metal head or Schwedler embouchure does not mean that a flute is a reform flute or even a Schwedler flute!

Schwedler never advocated the very large holes of English flutes or any change in fingering system, and the holes remain on the small side of medium on Schwedler flutes. To review, the model was a simple system flute, with the characteristic six unencumbered finger holes—and closed-standing keys on the body for production of the semitones outside of D major, and for trills. I'm not sure about what is going on accousticly, but this works well.

Augenheilkunde — Gesundheit im Fokus. Per Post. It was arranged that the ring key on finger hole 5 would close this small hole, even when the short F key remained depressed, since this hole must be closed for F natural and the next few lower notes.