The main fields at Intec are machine tools, systems for automated production and precision tools. This process is also accelerated by the technical assistance of a small robot, which can immediately process the fragrances into perfumes. Auch können Sie Produkte bewerten im eingeloggten Zustand, unter Verwendung eines frei wählbaren Nickname und können eine Freitext Bewertungen abgeben:

According to its own information, the German chemicals distributor started marketing the fragrance oils of the family business in Germany as early as January At the new facility solutions for the specific needs of African consumers are to be developed. They have brought the first bottle per cent made from recycled household plastic waste to the cosmetics market.

The second winner, Reziena, has developed a beauty device with IFU technology to combat signs of ageing. MAX will focus on talks on multiplayer topics, eSports and hardware, as well as live gameplay.