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Marble Magic -. To become a master clockmaker in 17th-century Augsburg , candidates had to design and build a 'masterpiece' clock, an astronomical table-top clock of formidable complexity. The ecliptic dial makes one complete revolution in 23 hours 56 minutes a sidereal day , and will therefore gradually get out of phase with the hour hand, drifting slowly further apart during the year.

Change your strap in a snap to match your look to your current mood. Built up by Cini by virtue of his Emilian origins and preferences, this collection had been inspired by the presence of the significant figure of Nino Barbantini, who had organised a major exhibition on Renaissance Ferrara in the Palazzo dei Diamanti in The longer daylight hours in summer can usually be seen at the outer edge of the dial, and the time in unequal hours is read by noting the intersection of the sun hand with the appropriate curved line.