The hyperbole one can read on the internet about the fantastic properties of the Atlantis symbol is perhaps in proportion to the rumour of the curse. And these doctrines center on its destruction by fire and water, just as happened to Atlantis.

Since this serpent is no other than Atlas, the temple built above the Standing Serpent represents the Holy Mountain of Paradise which, in turn, symbolizes the world being supported by the Titan Atlas. This is done via a monumental paved road built upon a causeway delimited by balustrades formed from standing serpents nagas.

Finally, we discuss the Atlantean Indonesian origin of the Egyptians themselves and of the language they spoke, showing how they kept abreast of the Hindu conceptions by means of periodic visits to the Land of the Gods Punt or Indonesia. But this is only an illusion, for essentially all regions derive from the Urreligion which we just mentioned. This consists of a stake driven into the soil, to mark the center of the edifice.