Writing to a blank tape starts at band 0, wrap 0, a forward wrap that runs from the beginning of the tape BOT to the end of the tape EOT and includes a track that runs along one side of the data band. DRAM memory also declined in price in the second half of , with continued declines expected in The second partition holds the actual file.

In such a case an HPE library will allow writing and reading the cartridge in LTO-8 tape drives but it will provide you with a warning message upon eject that the cartridge is mis-labelled. The magnetic servo tracks on the tape are factory encoded. To understand why this technology represents the best data archiving solution, we need to clear up the confusion between the meaning of the terms backup and archiving.

LTO Ultrium technology is an "open format" technology, which means that users will have multiple sources of product and tape media. In addition to this check, each block undergoes a CRC in order to identify a unique numeric value for that particular file block. Typically the WORM cartridges have a different colour packaging.