It wasn't until the deployment of US troops into the Korean peninsula that the tide turned against the North Koreans and their tanks. This test was based on the shooting of the frontal part of the Tiger 2 tank. For this reason, we have to pay attention to tuning weapons as well — this is the only way we can show and give emphasis to the entire scope of variety in military vehicles, in addition to showcasing their firepower.

Colossus reborn: Be careful when selecting a shell — the various shells don't just have different penetration characteristics and fragmenting actions or explosive properties, they also lose their energy differently. Tank historians, such as Richard P.

During the development, an interim solution for the problem was the equipping of the 57 mm ZiS-4M gun onto the T, which has better penetration capabilities compared to the At the same time still before "Weapons of Victory" , for different types of shells a certain distortion of the angle of attack was taken into account depending on the type of projectile sharp or blunt-nosed shell and the ratio between the calibre of the projectile to the armour thickness normal perpendicular vector.